Christchurch Earthquake Information Page

24 Feb

I love New Zealand and I visit the country every year. I am due to arrive in Christchurch on March 22, 2011. I was shell-shocked by the news of the Feb 22nd earthquake that hit Christchurch. It had barely recovered from the first one that hit on Sep 4, 2010. I was in the first one and it was distressing enough. They always said that there will be a big one but nobody expected this. At least not 5 months later. I have no wish to carry any picture in this post. There are enough on the Internet.

Honestly, I don’t know how I can be useful. In whatever little way, I will post whatever helpful links I can find and add to this post. (disclaimer: use this info at your own risk. I bear no responsibility of the accuracy of the info provided). If you have any additional information that you would like to contribute here, please email me at:

For motels and accommodation that are fully operational, please check out my post on Christchurch Accommodation

Canterbury Earthquake – By Environment Canterbury
Tourism New Zealand – News for Travellers – NZ News
NZ Herald – NZ News
TV NZ – Live Updates
Hotels Update – Flyertalk
Hotels Status – Flyertalk
Christchurch Quake Support – Facebook
Christchurch Airport
Christchurch Earthquake People Finder – Google
Civil Defence
Petrol Stations Status – AA
Christchurch Road Conditions – AA Roadwatch
Christchurch Quake Map Since Sep 4, 2010 – Paul Nicholls of University of Canterbury’s Digital Media Group
Canterbury Quake Live – GeoNet
Christchurch Recovery Map
Supermarkets and Stores – status of supermarkets and stores

I reckon people will want to know which accommodations are open. I do not have ready access to much information at this moment. But if you are a proprietor or you are aware of accommodations, be it motels, hotels, BB or Backpackers, please email me at

Clyde Motel
Centre Point at Colombo

Appended here a link to BBH’s website for the latest info on the operational status of Christchurch backpackers:

That’s all I have for now.


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