10 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy An iPhone 4

3 Jan

For anyone who have been using smartphones for the most part of their adult life, I’m done with using phones on the Windows platform. Windows 7 phones included. As with my peers, I still consider the antiquated Palm Treo 600 the best smartphone around. Alas, the people at Palm got greedy and started developing phones to run windows mobile. That was a huge mistake that Palm could never recover from. Had my Treo not been broken by an accident, I will still be using it today.

Now that I have used, and about to give up on my WM6.5 phone, I am shopping around for a new phone. And the market being such there are really only 2 viable choices: iPhone vs Android phones. After looking around, I have finally decided that I won’t buy an iPhone. Android is the way to go for me. Here’s why:

1. If you look around in public, almost everyone uses an iPhone. Tom, Dick and Harry. That’s a huge turn off for me. I’m not into following the crowd. I consider that a herd mentality and since I am not a cow, I’d rather be unique. Even kids as young as 6 are carrying an iPhone. Puhleeese…. And I find the iPhone too feminine. It looks like an oversized compact casing that a lady could carry in her handbag anyway.

2. I’m a self-professed technology agnostic. I’m don’t subscribe to any technology religion in particular, and I’m definitely not joining the Apple cult. If I buy a device, the device works for me, not the other way around. And I will want to install whatever I want without asking permission from a cult leader. With the iPhone, you will have to go to Appstore to install your apps. If you want to install “unapproved” apps, you will have to “jaibreak” your iPhone first, under threat of voiding your warranty. With Android phones, there’s none of this nonsense.

3. Android phones have bigger screens. Quite a few Android phone makers have already pushed out phones with screens as large as 4.3″ and this is a big plus for people like me. I surf the web a lot, and this is a very big selling point. With iPhone, there is a lot of space wasted on the device.

4. With the iPhone, you can only have 1 choice of handset. With Android, you have plenty to choose from and there are plenty of manufacturers making Android phones. Competition is good. It makes for variety and improvements of features. Honestly, I’m not a great fan of Apples. I rather oranges, durians and mangoes.

5. The iPhone is boring. The design is boring. Not a great design. In fact, I find the layout of the apps on the iPhone rather boring. Even my Treo 600 looks better. With Android, there are so many varied interfaces available.

6. iPhone has a low-end camera by today’s standard. When everyone else is making mobile phones with 5 megapixel cameras, the iPhone 3GS features only a crummy 3.2 megapixel. The iphone 4 now ‘boasts’ a 5 megapixel camera but the competition have phones with up to 12 megapixel with prosumer-quality optics. My guess is that iphone 5 will feature an 8 megapixel camera. By that time, the competition will have even higher resolution cameras perhaps with a limited optical zoom feature, if they are really good with miniaturization.  I would say it is rather clever of Apple. Cos they will keep selling to their loyal adherents lower end technologies so that they will be enticed to buy the next “improved” version of the iPhone. What better customers than your existing ones.

7. There have been complaints about iPhones having bad speaker quality. Well, not bad as bad, in that you do get good speaker quality for talking. But it can’t give a decent sound when it comes to playing music or movies. On the other hand, Android phone makers have been pushing out handsets with Dolby Mobile.

8. You can’t change iPhone’s battery easily – not without tearing it apart. Period.

9. iPhone officially doesn’t support flash movies. Granted, I’m not a great fan of flash movies myself. But having 20% of the web cut off from me because “uncle Steve” doesn’t want people to see flash sites for whatever reason is like having glaucoma forced on me.

10. iPhone is buggy. Haven’t you heard? Thousands Millions of iPhone 4 users were late for work on Jan 1, 2011 because their iPhone 4’s alarm couldn’t recognize the new year. Even my pathetic wm6.5 didn’t have that problem.

So, for now, iGiveUp. Android it is for me.


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