Good Customer Service at Cathay Cinema

31 Dec

Last week, I brought a little friend of mine who wanted to watch a 3D movie at the Cinema. He wanted me to take him to the one at Causeway Point but the only 3D movie was Tron Legacy. Briefly, it’s about someone being trapped in a computer system 20 years ago. 20 years on, his son stumbled onto the same virtual world his father was trapped too. So the son now has to convince and rescue his diffident father from the virtual world they were in. Something like that. I think it has a convoluted storyline. And the graphics boring.

Tron Legacy 3D

Anyway, as we settled in with our popcorns and coke, I realised that one of the speakers on the right side of the cinema was giving out ‘distorted’ noises when the bass came on. At first I thought it was an isolated incident. But half an hour on, the noise became quite a distraction and affected my viewing pleasure. I mean, how on earth am I able to enjoy a 3D movie with such a crummy sound system? My little friend became fidgety too and he asked if someone was snoring in the cinema. LOL! Anyway, on reflection, it did sound like someone snoring.

So, we decided to walk out mid way through the movie and approached the manager to ask for a refund. She and her assistant went in to check for themselves but claimed that there was nothing wrong with the sound system. To her credit, however, she did not challenge my complaint and promptly gave me a full refund on the tickets.

For that, I am very grateful and impressed with the level of customer service. Thanks! Cathay Cinema! You have won in me a loyal customer.


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