What on earth is….?

29 Nov

I am in the service industry. And so, just as my customers expect me to provide good service, I too expect that from the establishments I patronize. Like everyone else, I am sometimes impressed by the service standards of some companies and am at times totally unimpressed with the service standards in others.

Take for example, my recent outing to a supposedly 5-star buffet restaurant located in hotel somewhere along Scotts Road to celebrate my wedding anniversary. They have a fanciful spread, from seafood to goose liver to Asian food and a vast array of desserts.

They serve sashimi, but it was a very limited spread of raw fish. Worse, the cuts were very small, and the salmon almost soggy. SOGGY SALMON!!?? Yup. So I tried their oysters. Ooooo…I love them oysters. But….the oysters were micro….I haven’t seen oysters this small before in my life. They serve crab legs…but they didn’t have the good sense of giving me a bowl to wash my hands in (it is common practice to provide this in Singapore restaurants). The only redeeming thing they have on the menu was the crayfish- full of roe and very fleshy.


The only good stuffs on the menu

I tried their crabs, which were nothing to speak of.

Moving on to their Chinese and Indian spreads. I took a glance, and honestly I think I can get better quality from my neighbourhood coffeeshops. Even their charsiew and steamed chicken looked dead. Of course the poor animals are dead…but, you know, DEAD! The colours were all wrong and they don’t have the usual luster you associate with Chinese roasts. And to think that this restaurant had the cheek to charge 70 bucks per head….sheesh…gimme a break, man.


My wife corrected me on the above posting. She reminded me that apart from the crayfish, the one other dish of note was the chocolate pudding. I concur.


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